Future Rituals

Our rituals in the future will be based on our actions now. If we don’t protect the planet, how will we celebrate it? Will we even be here to do so? Imagine how far backwards we may go if we survive to go forwards.

This Future Ritual project consists of 12 flags of 4 designs. These represent rituals foretold, if we continue the path of climate destruction. Based around ancient heraldic designs, old English folklore and nature patterns, the theme creates ceremonial banners for the public to congregate around and celebrate under in Lower Stable Street during the summer months; a time of celebration and ritual for all religions and faiths.

Concentrating on some of the ways climate change will impact us including rising sea levels, over fishing and warming oceans, aberrant weather patterns and climate refugees, each banner will represent one of these dangers and how we may chose to remember a time before it was a problem.

Climate crisis is real and will impact us all.

In attempting to look to the future to see how we will be viewed as antecedents to the world’s demise; we can see what we can do to help.