Rebecca Strickson
Strickson Summer Academy of Applied Art and Design, 2013
Join Miss Strickson and her faculty for a week of art, design and creative classes and after school workshops designed to include all pupils, even the most disruptive. Enrole and create your own art college manifesto to take away (staff on hand to point out if someones already come up with that idea in the past) and then join in a week of classes including Tiny Life Drawing and Noise Making. We will culminate in a chance to create your own graduation picture, with suitable attire, and those well enough behaved can come to the School Disco, (NO Heavy Petting.)   
From 6th – 12th June, I shall be the artist in residence at the awesome Gaggle Cave in New cross, at the Insitu project space (next to the Albert Pub). Come down for a week of FREE FUN GUARANTEED (biscuits, drawing, making a racket are all fun.) I have some awesome local artists helping me and will be displaying (for the enjoyment and potential purchase if you wish) some tasty very limited and not-so-limited-but-still-ace bit of artwork too! 
See what else in on in the Cave here. 

AOI Illustration Award 2013

Rather chuffed to have two works shortlisted in this years AOI Illustration Awards, in the Public Realm and Advertising categories; The animation for Rapha/Mogwai ‘Knock for Knock’ I worked on with director Antony Crook for RSA Films, and the ‘Up At The O2’ door illustrations, commissioned for agency pd3.

Theres some excellent work here, so I dont expect to get through the next round, but hey! *BEAMS*

Another logo for Celia. This is a bit more straight up – inspired by Kristyan Sakis’ font created for M/M Paris for Bjork’s Vespertine album, we wanted something female, sweet, sharp and interesting, utilising the natural curves inherent in ‘celia’ but not girly or twee. It was pretty hard but we got there… I used Illustrator for about the first time, properly too which was challenging but Im pretty pleased. May work up into whole typeset one day..

New logo for Celia Arias’ Lady Gonzalez work. Lots of colourful fun and as ever, a darling to work with! 

I was stuck on what to get my partner for his birthday. SO I made him a personalised colouring book. It went down quite well. If anyone wants a copy to colour in and then send back to me, I have a few spares! 

Work in progress.

New Tattoooooo! Courtesy of Mr Hyde at Skin and Ink in New Cross



The now SOLD OUT Argo poster for MONDO by Kilian Eng AKA DW Design

I cant get enough of this! Brilliant work. 

New logo for Alison Moyet, 2013

First part of new work with Alison Moyet. Heres the lyric video created for the free download from the new album ‘the minutes’ available here…

Im working with Alison, incredible photo dude Tom Martin and Cooking Vinyl records on the design for the new album campaign – album cover being worked on as we speak – and this is the first piece of the puzzle to be revealed. 

Enormous thanks, expertise, and Greggs bakes to Stu Doig and Louise O’Connor for their after effect skills, and Joe Morris for filming a particularly ethereal and spooky bowl of miso soup…