Civil Society Futures

Civil Society Futures was an independent inquiry set up in 2018 and tasked to consider the future for civil society in England as it stands, right now.

Examining the environment in which our civil society operates and the many pressures and changes it faces, the inquiry engaged groups, networks, organisations and individuals around the country to see what they thought the future might hold and what role they had in shaping it.

I was asked to respond to the inquiry, and created these four banners aligned to the core ‘PACT’ findings of Power, Accountability, Connection and Trust. The wording was inspired by the inquiry findings, and conversations I had with people I met at a Leeds residential trip organised by the inquiry.

The ancient words of trade unions, co-operative groups and everyone who’s ever organised their community to change their world are juxaposed with these thoughts and hopes from people today.

The artwork is also available on a Creative Commons license to download here!

Theres more information and a video on my process and my thoughts here.